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Since it's been kinda slow around here...Some finds today (- General)

by George Fatizzi @, Thursday, October 29, 2015, 10:39 (1020 days ago)

[image]I haven't posted finds in a while so I thought I would just share what I found on this awesome "Indian Summer" day off I had in beautiful upstate NY. Took my 16 year old black box XS-2 Pro Sovereign out to a favorite old Hudson River beach site I like to hit at low tide. Didn't get anything really great but I did manage to squeak out a tiny bit of silver in the form of a 1944 war nickel and the last year (and my birth year) for silver dimes a 1964 Roosie. Also got a 1937 Buff nickel (with a readable date no less!), three wheats '52, '56, '59 and a '61 memorial. Not bad for a site I've been hunting for 20 years now. These days I'm running the Sov lean and mean with just a CoinSearch coil, no meter on a stock XS2 three piece rod converted to a two piece and control box as far back as I could get it. I modded the box with a remote all-metal switch at the trigger finger as I feel that is a MUST for hunting with this set up. After 20 years on and off with the Sov, I don't need a meter anymore and with good phones on I can tell the difference between a penny and silver. I don't think I will go back to a meter either. I want to dig more so I'll find more. Hoping to come across more gold that way. By the way, this site benefited greatly by the use of Auto-Sens on the Sov. I don't think Minelab gets enough credit for the creation of this mode. Although this was a fresh water beach, it is plagued with broken pieces of brick, conductive coal clinkers and tons of iron. Auto sens was the best way to go today to maintain a decent threshold and I still managed respectable depth out of the old boy. Love the old Sovs....HH George

Since it's been kinda slow around here...Some finds today

by updownup @, Thursday, October 29, 2015, 17:31 (1020 days ago) @ George Fatizzi

George nice finds! I agree, I find myself using the auto setting to maintain a steady threshold at certain locations and still gets decent depth. Glad you got to go detecting on such a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing.


Since it's been kinda slow around here...Some finds today

by Carl @, Friday, October 30, 2015, 05:27 (1019 days ago) @ George Fatizzi

George, I couldn't agree more. The old Sovs have more than paid for themselves and the rest of the lest impressive detectors that I have owned over the years. Joe Patrick also told me to run sensitivity in the 10 to 11 o'clock range for max depth if using manual. Most people run at max or as close to it as possible. That actually loses depth due to ground signal bouncing back. Backing off the sensitivity made old sites like new when I tried Joe's trick. I almost always run discrimination at lowest setting and use the audio signal as the discriminator. Those old Hudson River beaches have lots of rings if you can get out a bit further with a PI. Be prepared to dig deep with a heavy duty scoop cause the signals will be weak. But what you can find is incredible. I've known some really successful hunters who look for places where ice gouged out the bottom along the swim areas in early spring and hit them hard before they filled back in. It was well worth the investment in cold water gear to stay warm. Lots of people swam in that river before air conditioning. Many wore their best rings and other jewelry without thinking. Thanks for the post.


The Sovereign...

by Joe Patrick, Wednesday, November 04, 2015, 03:05 (1014 days ago) @ George Fatizzi

It's still my favorite and most productive metal detector! I "run" auto-sensitivity probably 95% of the time with great results. But for those special sites, like low-mineral beaches and some heavy-iron-trash sites, I will click off of auto and run as high as possible while maintaining stability. I have an E-Trac and while I like most of it, it still has not taken the place of my beloved Sovereign!

The Sovereign...

by George Fatizzi @, Wednesday, November 04, 2015, 03:45 (1014 days ago) @ Joe Patrick

Wow Joe, thanks for the validation on the auto sens issue! Coming from you that means a lot. I too mostly hunt in this mode and other folks always thought I was crazy saying I wasn't getting nearly as deep as I could be. But the depths I was seeing were sure good enough for me and I was seeing targets that never would have been found had I been in manual sens. HH George

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