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Did you ever have a detector you ALWAYS seem to come back to (- General)

by George Fatizzi @, Friday, September 11, 2015, 04:41 (1040 days ago)

I've always been the type to try every new detector that comes down the pike. I've used and tried just about all the major manufacturers' "heavy hitters". Funny thing is I always seem to come back to the Minelab Sovereign. Of course Minelab no longer makes them but what a cult following this detector still has! I guess it can be attributed to the fact that I have the most time in with this machine since it was the first one I started with and I have found more keepers at hunted out sites with it then all others combined. It's definitely not without faults and drawbacks, that's for sure. But because of those drawbacks, it's taught me to swing low and slow. And as far as the lousy ergonomics go, I actually enjoyed modifying them all to my liking. This machine just has such a unique language and great modulated audio that I just can't give it up. I actually prefer the earlier versions as well. They are built like tanks and seem to last forever. How bout you guys? Any older, out of production detectors you still have a soft spot for in your heart? HH George Fatizzi

I have one that I've never left...

by Joe Patrick, Saturday, September 12, 2015, 03:46 (1039 days ago) @ George Fatizzi
edited by Joe Patrick, Saturday, September 12, 2015, 04:02


I agree 100%. From the first day that I used a Sovereign, back in the early 1990's, I knew there something very different and special about it, thus, I have never left it! It has been my primary metal detector for all of these many years and also for several of my closest detecting buddies, who I highly recommended it to. Sure I have and still do use other detectors, but for my most serious detecting, it is always the Sovereign that I grab and use every time! It is a detector that I know well, have supreme confidence in and know can handle just about any detecting site or situation.

I have hoped over the years that Minelab would re-introduce the Sovereign in a lightweight more ergonomic design similar to the Safari. But if they ever do that, they MUST NOT change how the Sovereign sounds. Give us better ergonomics, a better battery system - Lithium Ion, wireless headphones and a better and more resolute target ID display with more tone options (1-tone,2-tone, 4-tone, multi-tone) and I will buy one in a second!


Did you ever have a detector you ALWAYS seem to come back to

by Passing Thru @, Monday, September 14, 2015, 05:55 (1037 days ago) @ George Fatizzi

I have been a Mark 1 user for 20 plus years and with internal and external modifications and with an adapter to except other coils, I find that this detector fits all my detecting needs...

With the display meter and sweet sounding tones, to me, there is no other detector I would choose to take it's place...

The detector has quick response, ultra slow motion for pin pointing and where I live, the soil conditions are ideal.

I have been to other regions of the country where the Mark 1 would not be the choice detector, so I bite my tongue and lower my standards, I hate to say it, use [image]another brand detector...

Did you ever have a detector you ALWAYS seem to come back to

by Paul (Ca.) @, Wednesday, September 16, 2015, 09:12 (1035 days ago) @ George Fatizzi


That's a tough one have so many that are fun to use, Can't pick one but for me it narrows down to two machines, Like booth of them equally can't say I favor one over the other.

But here they are, My Sovereign with Joe Patrick's Patriot meter and the Mark 1. Both are my favorites :-)

Paul (Ca)

Did you ever have a detector you ALWAYS seem to come back to

by morelic55, Nixa Missouri, USA, Monday, September 28, 2015, 18:53 (1022 days ago) @ Paul (Ca.)

Always, always went back to the X-Terra 70. Had 5, yes 5 X-terra's. I have 3 now, 2 70's and a 30. Seems like the early ones, with serial numbers under 2000 are the hottest!!!!

Diggin' Deep In The Missouri Ozarks!!!!

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