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ATTENTION: Garrett Collectors! (- Classifieds)

by Bob Sickler, Friday, August 23, 2013, 08:33 (1853 days ago)

There comes a time when you have to let go. In my case the house isn't big enough for all I wish to own, so some things must reluctantly go! If you are a Garrett user, collector, or just a fan of older well-built detectors, these items are some of the best Garrett ever made. Prices do not include shipping and insurance. Quotes for S&I are after the committed item is packaged and weighed so you pay only what the true amount is. Please post your inquires or contact info to purchase. Items in photo are keyed to the text numerically. All items are in very good working condition.

1) 1979 Garrett VLF/TR A.D.S. Groundhog Metal Detector (15kHz - 4-Pin), includes A.D.S. remote switching hipmount handle & armrest, detector ground stand, speaker cover (on detector), hipmount straps (2), middle and lower stems, 10-1/2" Co-Planar 4-Pin Searchcoil with scuff cover, 7-1/2" Co-Planar 4-Pin Searchcoil with scuff cover, and battery tray (photo inset). Runs on (4) 9V batteries. Shown in hipmount configuration, detector can be converted back to standard configuration easily. This detector is still popular in parts of the world for Gold and Coin hunting. I have original manual to go with it. — $250.00 (sold as set only)

2) Garrett Universal Hipmount Handle and Arm Rest (for earlier pushbutton Groundhogs and Deepseekers with 4-pin searchcoils) — $25.00

3) Garrett "Secret Scanner" "The Little Treasure Hunter" hand-held metal detector with leather case and instructions — $35.00


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