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2016 New developed Underwater pinpointer metal probe (- General)

by metalprobe ⌂ @, hongkong, Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 07:38 (846 days ago)
edited by metalprobe, Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 07:43

underwater pinpointer gold hunting Tips


Please do not expected big rock gold can be found use the normal detector

most gold nugget is smaller than 0.2 inch and Hidden in a narrow crevice or under the soil at least 4 inch deepth

So equipped with proper detector is the key to success surely price and cody you may consider more time

If you do want to be a professional treasure hunter the following experience just for your refernce and communicate with the hunters who has hunting over 10 years

1. the detector must be small enough to push into the surface cracks, but you may find
probe diameter less than 15mm can move but it will be broken and big tip pinpointer
will be dig by tool before scanning and solution is the thickness of pinpointer shell must be over 4.5mm UP!

2. the detector should be excellent rigidity when move in mud or sand even in small rock area and when the probe tip moving it will creat Torque thus will effect of magnetic induction rods and faulty alarm will appeared.

3. onland gold big or small nuggets has been found already and your targets is underwater
in river or sea, especially in summer it is comfortable and cool hunting in water

4. and most professional is the underwater switch and flashlight
we know that it is more dark and Turbid liquid than onland you will choice the detector
with high brightness which can illumination area 360 degrees, Beeps and vibrations also affect the detecting performance so the underwater switch can smooth handover mode is another key to success

5. A very serious problem is when the detector underwater 10 meter it will be sufered by water pressures over 10kg=22pound per 0.4 Square inch! so normal switch will be not work,
that you will read underwater pinpointer work manual - the underwater deepth is less than 3 meter(^-^) metalprobe switch is the best solution even hunting underwater 100 feet.


underwater pinpointer designer should offer the qualified underwater pro detector for your Loyal customers and worth for one pence


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