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Winter Project (Headphones) (- General)

by Doug In ILL. @, Sunday, February 28, 2016, 18:00 (898 days ago)

Built the set on the left first and changed a couple thing's on the second set. I used Premium Quality Neutrik Connectors on both ends of the cord. These
connectors are worth the price and are so much easier to work with. I added a Mini toggle for the Stereo/Mono switch on
the second set and installed some rubber grommets for the speaker wiring. I used two 150-ohm 50mm speakers for the
the newer set as well,wired like they are produces an 83 ohm load and works great for my CTX. I installed a volume pot
on the first set to experiment a little and decided not to add one to the second set because every detector I have has a volume
control itself and my hearing is the same in both ears. The first set with the pot is going to my hunting buddy Joe as a gift. I let him try them on his AT Pro and he likes
the High Volume he gets with these compared to the stock Garrett headphones that Garrett Supply's with the AT pro.My next set
I will be using Howard Leigh T3 along with some Piezo's and appropriate Waterproof Connectors to make a pair of underwater
Headphones for my CTX that will hopefully last. Hopefully these will turn out ok as I never ventured into this type of headphone before.


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