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Add Two More Seated (- General)

by Doug In ILL. @, Monday, November 16, 2015, 05:28 (1038 days ago) @ Carl

Doug, that's amazing!! Super finds. You have a real hot spot. To what do you credit your success? Are you searching in a different way...different settings? Is it the detector, sweep speed, ground moisture or?? I know the feeling of seeing a scratch like that. Ouch.

Thanks for the great posts!
Of course all of those things you spoke of above effect the overall performance of any
detector. However, I believe the ability of my Minelab FBS to Identify targets at depth
along with an area that has seen a lot of activity in the mid 1800's attributes mostly to
my good finds. I have a friend who uses another brand detector that I hunt with. He has also
recovered some good targets like me but his detector would usually sputter and pop in all the Iron.
He usually digs the targets if he gets a High tone Pop that's at the limits of his
detectors depth capability. He came over to me one day while we was detecting with a nice
1934 walking Liberty Half in his hand to show me. I asked how deep and he said 8" and I said
how did it sound on his detector and he said that he thought he was digging Iron but he took
a chance because of the hi tone pop he got in with the iron, Boy! was he surprised.The Fbs
detectors ability (Especially the CTX) to ID with a Hint of an possible good target along
with it's Depth Capability has helped me unearth targets that most detectors in the past and present have missed.

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