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Since it's been kinda slow around here...Some finds today (- General)

by Carl @, Friday, October 30, 2015, 05:27 (1019 days ago) @ George Fatizzi

George, I couldn't agree more. The old Sovs have more than paid for themselves and the rest of the lest impressive detectors that I have owned over the years. Joe Patrick also told me to run sensitivity in the 10 to 11 o'clock range for max depth if using manual. Most people run at max or as close to it as possible. That actually loses depth due to ground signal bouncing back. Backing off the sensitivity made old sites like new when I tried Joe's trick. I almost always run discrimination at lowest setting and use the audio signal as the discriminator. Those old Hudson River beaches have lots of rings if you can get out a bit further with a PI. Be prepared to dig deep with a heavy duty scoop cause the signals will be weak. But what you can find is incredible. I've known some really successful hunters who look for places where ice gouged out the bottom along the swim areas in early spring and hit them hard before they filled back in. It was well worth the investment in cold water gear to stay warm. Lots of people swam in that river before air conditioning. Many wore their best rings and other jewelry without thinking. Thanks for the post.


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