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Did you ever have a detector you ALWAYS seem to come back to (- General)

by Passing Thru @, Monday, September 14, 2015, 05:55 (1037 days ago) @ George Fatizzi

I have been a Mark 1 user for 20 plus years and with internal and external modifications and with an adapter to except other coils, I find that this detector fits all my detecting needs...

With the display meter and sweet sounding tones, to me, there is no other detector I would choose to take it's place...

The detector has quick response, ultra slow motion for pin pointing and where I live, the soil conditions are ideal.

I have been to other regions of the country where the Mark 1 would not be the choice detector, so I bite my tongue and lower my standards, I hate to say it, use [image]another brand detector...

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