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EFX Swarm MX200 (- General)

by PaulWV, Monday, August 13, 2012, 16:42 (2111 days ago)
edited by PaulWV, Monday, August 13, 2012, 16:46

EFX came today but I was out of town so I hav'nt got to try it out much.
It looks almost exactly like a Explorer.The coil is a concentric "not DD"
The wire goes up through the rods like the explorer,The snap locks just like the explorer.The connector is inside the rod and instead of the regular screw type connector,you just push it together and it snaps lock(neat)
The batterys same as explorer and even the rubber cover on the back.Ear phone jack comes out the side(neat)
Now the display is more the size of a Garrett 2500...and you can tilt it all the way down as to lay down(neat idea)
Arm rest same as explorer.
For the testing I can't say alot as just tried it in the yard.
It will detect my 8" coin in discriminate mode but the all metal seems weak...
If I remember right the Fishers F5 or F70 also had a problem in the all metal over the coin.
The coil is just funny looking......seems wierd
The GPS is cool....The way it works is you go to a place to hunt,then you press GPS.
It then says locating,then ask to save and you name it.
Now when you want to find the location you go to GPS and then Waypoint and go to the location you want to find.
It will show how many yards from 999 untill you come to the location.
In the uper right hand corner is a circle like a compass..A arrow will point the direction you need to go,as you get closer the numbers keep letting you know you are getting closer and the arrow will get closer to the center of the target circle.
When you get to the right place the numbers show 000 and the arrow is in the circle (Really neat)Would be nice for a large area that you might forget the area you found a coin,I tried it in the yard (cool)
I dont think the detector is the deepest detector I have used and it won't go as deep as my DFX or some of the other deep detectors.
I only got to use it in the yard so I can't tell alot about it.I did think it seemed like the target was behind the sweep speed.It seemed to lag or slow recoverery speed,,,,But I am not that sure yet.
The detector is heavy like the Explorer,I weighted it at 4 1/2 pounds.
Also something different is the backlight.Whenyou turn it on the light comes on and stays on for about a min. and goes out but if you touch a pad it comes back on.
The touch pads ar like the Garretts.
Maybe when I can get out I will do better at testing it.So far good buy for less than 200.00 but I don't like the weight and maybe slow recovery speed?

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