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National Geographic "Diggers" TV show........ (- General)

by Bob Sickler, Sunday, March 04, 2012, 07:09 (2274 days ago) @ JB(MS)

I can't speak for all people who use metal detectors, but after seeing a few of these NatGeo "Diggers" TV shows I'm feeling rather embarrassed knowing I have the same recreation. I think a better title for the show would be "Starts with a D and rhymes with Corks"!

A tiny bit of usefulness is the identification of finds from a historical perspective. What kills this is the "potential value" of the finds and the fact these two individuals feel the need to sell their finds at the end of the day. I would suggest getting a day job or pickup plastic bottles and cans on the roadside at the end of their day rather than degrade a healthy and educational recreation. I hope it is mere happenstance these individuals are using Garrett metal detectors... As a long time fan and loyal Garrett user, I can't even imagine why Garrett metal detectors would want to buy into this show!

The series can work two ways.... It will give our detractors the ammunition they need to destroy what strides we have made to overcome our fight to pursue a recreation -or- for some wild strange reason it will change the minds of our legislators that we are not the evil greedy looters we have been painted to be by the archeological community. My fear is the former will be the outcome.

The show is too much like NatGeo's answer to the History Channel's American Pickers. Why is it that people with metal detectors need to be shown to be profiting from things material. What ever happened to metal detecting to learn about our country's history rather than profit from it or a recreation that promotes good physical and mental health and helps people in need. Come on NatGeo, you can do better than this. How about a series that details the serious detectorist and the good we can do to change and better define history. Some of the most serious valuable archeological finds in the last few years have been made by ordinary citizens using metal detectors.

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